Plant Health Care

Plant Health CareOften our plants fall victim to pests and disease. A Titan Tree Care industry Certified Arborist can assess your trees and shrubs for health, and determine what pests or disease may be damaging your plants. At that time, our arborist will help you make an informed choice on the recommended treatment options. Pests and diseases will usually attack stressed plant material. Through the use of our custom mix of slow release fertilization and bio-stimulant blends, we are able to reduce plant stress and encourage root health. Titan Tree Care uses only the best products on the market to combat pest and disease issues. We do offer organic and environmentally conscientious options.
Rather than chasing bugs around your property all year, or reacting to already progressed diseases, Titan Tree Care can offer a far more proactive strategy to maintaining the overall health and longevity of your beloved landscape. In many cases, a Scout Program will be a preferred method of proactive treatment. The Scout Program will place a highly trained specialist on the property either (5) or (8) times per year, depending on the current needs and size of the property. A full written report is provided to the homeowner upon completion of each visit. This truly allows for the owner to keep a constant finger on the pulse of their landscape. Contact Titan Tree Care today for a complimentary property assessment.

Deep Root Fertilization

A custom mix of slow release, low nitrogen fertilizer injected into the root zone of the plant to improve soil quality and increase plant vigor while not forcing new growth, enabling the tree to better withstand stress. This brings oxygen to the root zone, mitigates some soil compaction, and increases beneficial organic activity in the soil. Titan Tree Care can simulate the optimal growing conditions for our trees in urban and suburban soils. Regular fertilization is the best way to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs, therefore warding off the risks of pest and disease issues in the future.

Plant Health Care Insect DamageIntegrated Pest Management

A Titan Tree Care industry Certified Arborist can evaluate your trees and shrubs to identify the specific pests causing damage. Based on the specific pest, and its current life cycle, our Arborist will prescribe specialized targeted treatments to manage the pest population, allowing the plant time to recover. Our goal is not eradication, but rather managing the populations within an acceptable threshold.


Scout Programs

Certainly the most comprehensive and proactive plant health care management tool Titan Tree Care offers, is our Scout program. One of our Certified Arborists will assess all your plant material and determine the proper amount of scouting visits recommended for a given year, based on the plant material’s current conditions and susceptibility to future issues. A highly trained specialist will perform each visit, wherein they scout all noted plant material and treat for pests and diseases as needed and proactively throughout the seasons. These are activated during specific treatments windows. Upon completion of each visit, the property owner will receive a complete report of the site conditions and what has been treated. The Scout Program allows for far greater control of the landscape.

Plant Health Care Scales on TreesDisease Treatments

Many of the trees we covet most in the Mid-Atlantic region have very species specific diseases that plague them. A Titan Tree Care industry Certified Arborist can diagnose the specific disease, and prescribe the correct treatment to manage the disease effectively.


Growth Regulator

Whether we are protecting a tree from recent construction impact, or nursing an ailing heritage tree back to health, one of the single best ways to get our trees heading in the right directions is through a growth regulator application. This is most often performed as a soil drench at the base of the tree. The product has an effect that lasts (2-3) years after the first application. Benefits include reduced crown growth, and increased fibrous root hair growth, an elevated production of photosynthesis allowing the tree to make more food and use it become healthy instead of wasting energy on crown growth. A Certified Arborist from Titan Tree Care can help you determine if this treatment is recommended for your trees.

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