Freezing Weather & Your Trees

Fluctuating temperatures can wreak havoc on your landscape and trees. The good news is that for most trees this will only cause a set-back and they can recover, but they can need your assistance. For freeze-damaged plants, it is important to provide proper care in the short and long term.

So, how can I help my trees?


The best thing you can do is watch for signs of damage. Browning and widespread leaf drop will be common. But it is important to wait until spring or even summer before deciding if a plant is salvageable.

Be Patient.

During this time avoid pruning, often damage is not as bad as it first appears. Broken branches can be removed but don’t get carried away a tree can take weeks to recover.


When the ground has thawed, this is the best time to use a hose to water the roots. A deep soak helps a damaged tree to absorb nutrients.

If you find frost-damaged trees or have concerns about the extent of winter damage, contact an ISA certified arborist to evaluate them.

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