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Caring for your Trees in the Hot Summer Months

It seems as if we have just turned the corner on spring, but the hot weather has finally arrived. We have different needs in the hot weather, and it should come as no surprise that our trees, lawn, and garden do as well. So, we have put together some things to keep in mind as you keep your trees and lawn healthy this summer.

Mulch, water, repeat

The mulch that we recommended in the spring will pay its dividends now. In addition to protecting the roots and structure of the tree in the colder months, it will help in the summer too. Properly laid mulch will protect the soil around the tree by limiting the evaporation of water. This helps the trees to remain hydrated, and serves in a sense to cool them off. Once the mulch is properly laid, give it a good soaking. Then you should water the mulched area, in the morning, up to twice a week.

Out with the old

Check to see if any branches or limbs are dead, or dying. If they are, the tree may be working to replenish the limbs, diverting vital nutrients from the healthier parts of the trees. If you see limbs that are weak or damaged, try trimming them. Reach out to a local tree care expert for help with this, if necessary. Be sure to check your trees before and after any substantial storm. Wind damage can create a nightmare scenario in the case of another severe storm.

Ain’t no bugs on me

Monitor your trees and shrubs for pests or insects. If there is an unusually high concentration of insects or other pests, this could be an early sign of disease or decay. If you notice this, rely on a tree care professional to advise you on which, if any pesticide should be used. You do not want to risk further damaging the tree when trying to solve this issue.

Our trees do a great job keeping us cool in the hot, summer months. By following these tips, you will be returning the favor. They won’t thank you, but they do appreciate it!

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