Healthy Trees: The Importance of Trimming

Tree trimming is much more then sawing off some limbs and is important enough to be part of your regular landscape maintenance. Some people believe that you can save money by neglecting tree trimming, however the reality is that giving your trees a regular trim is an investment in their health and longevity. Think of this maintenance as essential to protecting your landscape and property investment. Let’s take a closer look at three good reasons you should regularly trim your trees.

  1. Tree Health

Trimming, commonly known as pruning, is the selective removal of certain branches of a tree and is good for the tree’s overall health, encourages strong growth, and increases flower and fruit production. Pruning removes branches that are diseased and affecting the healthy growth of the tree. It also prevents overgrowth which causes trees to become weak.

  1. Safety

Trees with dead or diseased branches pose a significant risk as they can easily fall and damage your home, other buildings, or property. Severe winds and storms also pose a threat of injury and can make you liable in some situations. Safety is a critical reason to get your tees trimmed.

  1. Landscape Aesthetics

Trees that aren’t trimmed regularly will look misshapen and affect the look of your landscape. Trimming should enhance a tree’s natural shape and improve its appearance and the appeal of your property.

Pruning at the right time and in the right way is critical.  It is possible to harm and even kill a healthy tree through neglect or over-pruning. When you are ready to trim your trees, we recommend hiring a certified local arborist for the job to ensure your trees are strong and beautiful for years to come. To schedule an estimate call Titan Tree Care today!

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