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The Ultimate Spring Tree Care Checklist

The sun is shining and birds are singing; that’s right, spring is here. For gardeners and arborists everywhere, this is great news. Spring is the time when our yards and gardens come to life. But despite the processes of nature, any tree service company can tell you that any thriving tree requires a certain amount of maintenance.

Spring Pruning
Indeed, despite the advice that trees should only be trimmed once a year during their dormancy, spring is a great time to prune any existing frost damage on branches or other plants that might have suffered during the winter.

Spring tree trimming is simple. Scan your trees for dead wood and damaged branches. During the growing months, these dead and damaged branches will only impede healthy trees’ growth.

Pest Management and Control
The spring is the best time to enlist the help of plant health care specialists to get natural pest management and prevention solutions.

Clear Out the Area
Clear out any debris, dead leaves, or limbs that may have fallen and accumulated during the winter. This will prevent trees from becoming susceptible to fungal growth and infections. If you still have any decorative holiday lights, remove them immediately, as they may impede tree growth.

Spring Mulching
Mulch is one of the cornerstones of plant health care. Just a simple three-inch layer of mulch around trees can help the soil retain moisture, and suppress weed growth. This is especially important to do for young trees.

Watering Trees
Only start watering once the soil has thawed. Most trees need around one inch of rain every seven to 10 days. But during the spring, trees need to be watered heavily, particularly in areas where de-icing materials were used over the winter. The majority of trees and grasses have their roots in the first six inches of soil, so keep this in mind as you water your trees.

And if you have any questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to leave your spring tree care tasks to the professionals!

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