Summer Yard

Summer Landscape Checklist

Summer is best spent with loved ones, to ensure your yard doesn’t distract you from doing just that, follow this easy checklist to prep your space for the coming months!

  1. Cleanup
  • Rake up any debris from pruning or deadheading.
  • Make sure there’s space for air to move through your plants (thin them as necessary).
  • Remove any weeds from your landscaping.
  1. Check your Soil

Preparing for summer also means making sure your soil is ready for the long growing season. Before the weather gets too hot and muggy, it’s a good idea to layer your soil with compost by working it into the top few inches of flower and vegetable beds.

Also, check for compacted and dry soil as they are common at this time of year. Compaction is a serious issue and can lead to health and root issues that could eventually kill your trees. The first step in combating compaction is properly watering your tree. However, if your soil is already compacted you will need to aerate it to allow oxygen and organic material into your soil.

  1. Inspect your Plants

Take time to check over your trees and shrubs, look for signs of insect and disease damage. It’s almost always easier and usually more successful to treat any pests or diseases if you catch them early. Or, better yet, to prevent them from attacking altogether.

  1. Check for Nuisances

Poison ivy, English ivy, and nuisance plants are a constant and serious issue on properties during the summer. Not only can they cause uncomfortable rashes they can also pose a serious threat to your trees. Vines that grow around or on your trees compete for nutrients and can choke and strangle your tree’s roots.

  1. Look for Safety Risks

Violent summer thunderstorms can cause extensive damage to trees, especially those that haven’t been properly pruned or recently inspected. To prevent damage to nearby structures or people, look for any of the following:

  • broken and/or hanging branches
  • cracks in the trunk or where the branch attaches to the tree trunk
  • holes or rotted areas in the tree trunk or around its base

If you have questions about your trees, would like an inspection, or need professional, experienced tree care for your landscape call Titan Tree Care today!

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