Spring Pruning

Spring Check-up for Your Trees

Spring is the perfect time to check in on your trees and set them up for a healthy growing season! Follow these 4 easy steps to make sure your trees are hearty year-round.

  1. Assess Tree’s Health

Take time to inspect your trees overall health. Check for dead limbs, frostbite, or lesions on the leaves. This is the proper time to prune away any dead, damaged, or diseased limbs.

  1. Check Hydration Levels

Make sure your trees are well watered. Check the moisture level of the soil several inches below the surface once a week. The soil should be damp but not wet. If you have an irrigation system, check for leaks or clogs.

  1. Protect with Mulch

Spring is the ideal time to check your mulch and replace if needed. Mulch conserves moisture so it is important to keep soil covered with 3-5 inches of mulch. However, keep heavier mulch covering towards the outer edge of your tree roots, placing too much mulch directly against the tree trunk can cause the wood to rot over time.

  1. Weed around Trunk

Remove weeds from the base of trees, weeds compete with trees for water and nutrients.

While completing your checklist should you find anything of concern, please call our certified arborist today!

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