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You have spent your winter and spring months meticulously planning, plotting, and planting your garden, anticipating the harvest. Now that the hot weather, summer months are here, should you let your garden be? Probably not. There are some unique threats to your garden that will manifest themselves this summer. Here are some ways to keep your fall harvest safe.


It’s all Greek to Me

There are many Latin words that describe where, how, and why roots grow, and what that means to that particular plant in your garden. Crash course: Some roots insulate themselves, while some are more vulnerable to the extremes of weather. Do your homework, and know what’s in your garden.

All Mulch is not Created Equal

Typically we think of mulch as chipped pieces of bark. We would recommend you think of mulch in terms of the benefit it provides. It helps to protect the soil from sunlight and reducing the rate of evaporation from the soil that is nourishing your garden. You can use grass clippings, used straw, or even shredded newspapers to cool the area around these future meals.

Water, Water, Everywhere

Different plants require different frequencies and volumes of hydration. Doing research first will allow you to plant accordingly. It makes no sense to put crops that require a lot of moisture next to those that are fairly self-sufficient, or may thrive in the shade. Make planning your garden part of your winter activities.

Bide Your Time

If you have followed our tips, the last step is picking your fruits and vegetables before they are ready to eat. Yes, you read that correctly. Most fruits and vegetables will continue to ripen for 2-4 days after they’re picked, and this is where the magic happens! It is a fairy tale to think that you can pick a tomato out of your garden, eat it with a salt shaker in the garden, and call it the best thing ever. Know when the best times to pick are, and be sure that the fruits and/or vegetables have the proper time, space, and temperature to satisfy your table and taste buds.

In the case of a successful garden, you have worked year-round on both the planning, spacing, and timing of your garden. Follow these tips to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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