Winter Drought and Summer Rainfall Have Left Your Trees Susceptible, But Here’s How You Can Help

We’re on the heels of a 5 years straight winter drought in the Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC metro area. This has caused immense stress on our broadleaf and needleless evergreen trees and shrubs. We don’t tend to notice a winter drought as humans, since we both resign to the warmth of our heated indoor environments and are typically pleased with a lack snow that would make our travels hazardous. Additionally, we winterize/shutdown our irrigation systems and outdoor hose bibs. The stress caused by this repeated winter drought results in far greater susceptibility to disease and insect problems in the upcoming growing season.

Titan Tree Care’s ISA Certified Arborists recommend having your evergreens treated with a late fall deep root bio-stimulant with systemic insect control mixed in. This will help provide the deep root moisture and improved soil quality, while also administering a year of proactive insect preventive by way or systemic controls.

Our deciduous trees also need late season care, and doing so by way of nitrogen based deep root fertilization is key to having the necessary energy for their upcoming spring emergence. Due to recent growing season rainfall totals, we’ve seen outbreaks of wood boring insects that can claim the life of a mature hardwood tree within a matter of 45-60 days of initial infestation. We’d recommend selecting the late season deep root fertilizing with the systemic insect controls mixed in for the best protection.

Adam S. Das

ISA Certified Arborist MA-4850A
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified CTRA-911
Maryland Licensed Tree Expert #1827

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