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When Cutting Trees is the Last Resort

Cutting Trees?

Many of us will be faced with a decision to cut a tree or to keep it. This dilemma could be caused by any number of factors, including the age of the tree, some storm damage, or even the nuisance or annoyance caused by the shedding of the leaves, etc. Before deciding to cut down trees, you should reach out to a certified tree professional for their opinion, and keep in mind this study that shows that even the removal of a few trees can affect climate change locally. You may be wondering what other options exist for a tree that is not healthy, or not wanted. Here are a few.

Ask an expert

A local tree care company will be able to triage, diagnose, and in many cases cure a sick tree. Symptoms that may seem dire to you can be examined by a tree care specialist and found to be minor in scope. Of course, no one wants a tree to fall, possibly causing damage to your home, property, and/or friends and neighbors. Be sure to seek the advice of someone who knows trees to properly assess the likelihood of damage or collapse.

Know your weather

If you have a tree that is not structurally sound, and the probability exists for severe weather, or damaging storms, preventative action may need to be taken. Again, a consultation with a tree specialist will allow you to make an educated decision on how to properly deal with the situation. Don’t jump into the conclusion that cutting trees is the only solution.

Don’t do it yourself

Regardless of your experience or confidence level with lawn and tree care, cutting trees, or even trimming its branches can be a dangerous undertaking. Be sure to consult with a professional to map out any potential trouble spots that the job could present. Make sure that a sound plan is in place before any action is taken.

Following these tips will allow for you and your trees and yard to remain healthy. Obviously, sometimes there is no alternative to tree removal, but be sure that all options are considered to do our part in the fight against climate change.

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