The Top 3 Reasons a Tree May Fail During a Storm and How to Prevent It

Spring is around the corner and can bring with it quick moving storms with heavy winds and rain.  A healthy, well-maintained tree should have no problem withstanding the wear and tear of a hearty storm.  A tree which has been compromised, however, by disease or structural deficiencies, may not fare as well.  Poor structural stability, a weakened or decaying root system, or general decay to the tree structure are the 3 main causes of tree failure.  

Get to the Roots:  The root system is truly the foundation on which the tree’s stability depends on.  A house is sure to fall if the foundation is disintegrating and a tree is no different.  A poorly-developed, damaged, or decayed root system can compromise even the strongest tree.  Causes range from increased ground saturation, to root rot, to general erosion.  Regardless of the cause, a strong stable tree means a strong stable root system.  

Structural Stability: A tree structure that is not properly pruned and maintained is subjected to increased stress during a high wind event.  Proper pruning techniques remove dead or lopsided portions, assist in the symmetry and structural integrity, and reduce the general weight and wind resistance while maintaining a beautiful form.

General Decay: Insect infestation and general decay can greatly reduce the structural integrity of the trunk and branches resulting in failure.  To the common eye, a tree may look reasonably healthy, but an ISA Certified Arborist can detect the subtle signs that the interior of the tree is severely compromised and hence very dangerous.   

What preventative measures can I take to protect my trees?  Schedule a bi-annual consultation with one of our ISA Certified Arborists to “check-up” your trees.  We will determine the best course of action to nourish your tree, with root and soil “vitamins” or stimulants, and stabilize your tree, with good pruning practices and proper cabling and support systems as required.  If, and only if, we determine that the damage and decay is too widespread, we will suggest removing the tree if it poses a danger to you and your property.

Call one of our ISA Certified Arborists today and stay one step ahead of those spring storms!   

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