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How to Protect Your Trees this Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is upon us.  The Washington DC Metro area can experience high winds and excessive rainfall throughout the hurricane season.  There are preventative steps you can take to protect your treescape and property from severe storm damage.

Titan Tree Care’s bi-annual plant health care maintenance program overseen by one of our ISA certified arborists can diagnose problem areas in your treescape and offer solutions to help minimize possible damage and failure.

Properly pruning existing trees will strengthen the structure of the tree especially if this annual practice is established early in a tree’s life.  A tree with a strong structure will be more easily restored in the event of limb failure.  Annual pruning will also eliminate dead branches which could become airborne debris in the event of high winds.  Poor pruning practices, however, make trees susceptible to failure and breakage as well as increase the entry points for fungi which will weaken the structure internally from decay. 

Internal decay is a major cause of tree failure and is caused by fungi that weakens the tree from the inside out.  Some forms of tree decay and fungi, if caught early, can be treated.  Our ISA certified arborists are trained to diagnose the subtle signs of tree decay which often go unnoticed by the untrained eye.  Cracks, cankers, seams, dead branch stubs, butt swell, the presence of fungi, and older wounds suggest internal decay and increase the likelihood of tree failure in high wind events.

Our goal is to preserve trees when possible and remove when necessary.  With early intervention, we can succeed even in a Hurricane.  Have Titan Tree Care evaluate your property for possible weaknesses to protect your home and treescape this hurricane season.              

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