Can My Tree Get Root Rot?

If you have houseplants or toil for hours in the garden, you are probably familiar with the term “root rot”.  Root rot is a fungal disease that attacks the roots of plants growing in wet soil.  But Root rot isn’t just for small plants, it can also attack large trees and shrubs.  The Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland area has had a high level of rainfall over the past few years resulting in continuous wet soil and you guessed it, root rot.  Occurring in trees both large and small, it is difficult to diagnose as the symptoms aren’t usually visible until the rot has spread.  Obviously “re-potting” a mature tree is not an option as you would do with most houseplants.  Instead, our ISA Certified Arborists can evaluate the condition of your tree and prescribe various aeration techniques, fungicides and bio-stimulants in an effort to save it.  We can also determine if unfortunately, your tree is beyond repair and needs to be removed to prevent future damage to the surrounding trees, as root rot can spread to neighboring trees through the root system.  If left standing, root rot can severely undermine the structural integrity of your tree resulting in failure and collapse; hopefully not on your home.  Call Titan Tree Care today for an evaluation of the trees on your property.

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