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Avoid the Dangers of DIY Tree Care

Now that we are well into the spring weather, many homeowners are making decisions about tree care, specifically tree trimming, and/or removal. While it is recommended that trees be pruned or trimmed at least once a year in the dormant season, it is a task frequently put off until this time of year. While some tree maintenance jobs can be put on your Saturday to-do list, others should be left to tree care professionals. Just like you wouldn’t ask a tree removal expert to pull your tooth, it could be dangerous for a dentist to perform the work of a certified arborist.

While there are literally dozens of ways to be injured during tree maintenance, we will focus on the most common. Keep these in mind while trying to determine whether to hire a tree care expert or do it yourself.

Injuries due to improper use of ladders

When deciding if this is a project that can be handled without the advice of a professional, a good place to start is here: Will I need a ladder to perform this task? If the answer is yes, you may want to consult with an expert in the field of tree care. Many accidents and injuries are caused by the improper use of a ladder. For someone who is not on a ladder working with trees on a daily basis, there are many things that you would not think to look for. 20 feet in the air is not the place to learn the physics of ladders and trees.

Wrong tool for the job

There are many different types of tools that are used in tree care and maintenance. It may seem that one tool will perform the same task as another, but often that is not the case. You may even be using the correct tool, but if it is not in good working order, it will not perform the way it should. The improper use of a tool can result in a lot worse scenario than a misshaped tree, it could cause serious injury.


It is easy to take a look at a tree limb and calculate where and how it will fall when removed. Forewarned is forearmed: The law of gravity will not follow your calculations, and often there are other factors at work. One wrong move can put the person performing the tree care in harm’s way as well as anyone else in the vicinity.
In conclusion, when it comes to tree care and maintenance, there are some jobs that are easily and safely performed, while others are best left in the hands of a tree care professional. If you are unsure where your job falls, reach out to a local tree specialist. Many will offer a free estimate and advice. When it comes to the dangers present in the care of trees, you are better safe than sorry.

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