Top 4 Hiking Trails in the Washington DC Metro Area (according to Titan Tree Care!)

With COVID-19 and a new quarantine, we’re all in need of a little fresh air these days.  In honor of National Hiking Day today, Tuesday November 17th, Titan Tree Care has compiled our 4 favorite hiking spots around the Washington DC metro area.  Enjoy some of our favorite hikes before the weather turns too cold.   

1. Scott’s Run Nature Preserve  

One mile from the beltway on Georgetown Pike, the Scott’s Run Nature Preserve is a little piece of wilderness saved from urban sprawl.  It is one of only a few nature preserves in the Fairfax County Park Authority system.  Hike the 2.2 miles through the hardwood forest and keep your eyes open for large oak and beech trees, ancient hemlock and wild cherry trees that stand as tall as the oaks.  According to Fairfax County, “A grove of ancient hemlocks, whose ancestors migrated here during the last ice age, stands in the nature preserve as a reminder that this region once had a subarctic climate.”

2. Burke Lake Fitness Trails  

Burke Lake Park has earned the title of one of the 10 best fitness trails in the nation by the American Hiking Society.  This 4.7 mile loop around scenic Lake Burke is only 25 minutes outside of DC and the perfect escape for a quiet afternoon stroll or jog.

3. Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

Explore 95 rolling acres in Vienna, Virginia with multiple meandering trails to take in lakes, streams, wildlife, plants, and trees.  There is also a restored 18th Century log cabin and The Atrium, an indoor tropical garden.  During the holidays don’t miss the Winter Walk of Lights, a spectacular holiday light show.

4. Huntly Meadows Park

“An awesome hidden gem in the midst of Alexandria’s concrete jungle”, according to Adam S. Das, a Titan Tree Care Certified Arborist.  Huntley Meadows Park is home to a nationally significant historic house, majestic forests, wildflower-speckled meadows and vast wetlands bursting with life.

Any fantastic hikes that we’re missing?  Let us know on our facebook page 

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