About Titan

A Small farm in Homerville, Ohio is where I learned the ethics of work at a young age.  After attending Ohio State University, I accepted an internship with a large Maryland landscape company.  After some training, I was trusted with running the arboricultural maintenance crews. The rigid corporate structure became an obstacle in truly serving my clients the way I felt I would want to be treated. My personal interest in doing what was right for the client, wasn’t always the encouraged direction.  Profits seemed to take priority in many cases.

Titan Tree Care, as a small company committed to quality tree care, was founded on a close personal client relationship with the clients best interest never being forgotten. The employees embrace this approach as they have helped become the face of this approach. Since I have recently expanded my family, you can expect Titan Tree to only become that much more focused on the words “ethical” and “care” approach.  The new “little eyes” in my family and “bigger eyes” of employees will generally do as they have seen by example.  I will always make time for any inquiries that questions this commitment.