Tree Service McLean, VA

When it comes to tree service, McLean VA residents understand how vital it is to preserve the county’s urban forest. And preservation efforts can start at home — with quality, professional tree services.

Still not convinced? Here are the benefits of preserving and caring for trees in our homes and community:

Tree care and preservation is the environmentally responsible choice. Having trees in your yard and community can positively impact the environment in a number of ways. Firstly, the presence of trees proliferates the amount of oxygen in the air. Trees can also act as natural air filters, trapping pollutant gases such as carbon dioxide and odors in their leaves and bark, ultimately producing clean air particles. Through this natural filtration system, trees effectively combat global warming. The more healthy trees present, the cleaner the air will be.

Trees add value to your home and community. A home surrounded by trees can increase the real estate value of your home significantly. In fact, the property value of tree landscaped homes can be anywhere from 5-15% higher than non-landscaped homes. Additionally, tree shading acts as a natural home coolant and heat insulator, and is capable of reducing your energy costs drastically. Similarly, the trees reduce sound pollution within a home by as much as 40%.

Trees psychologically benefit personal well-being and foster community. Being in the presence of nature is proven to positively affect moods, rendering individuals more focused, calm, and less stressed. In recent studies, children with ADHD who were exposed to nature and trees saw a reduction in their symptoms. Additionally, the presence of trees in neighborhoods has been shown to reduce the incidence of violence within communities.

Promoting arboreal care and maintenance is vital to maintaining a happy and healthy community and home. When it comes to tree service, McLean VA residents can depend on Titan Tree Care to provide quality and professional assistance. With years of experience behind us, Titan Tree Care is committed to providing quality tree maintenance services that promote sustainability within our community.

Our materials, techniques and tree service McLean, VA are always in compliance with ANSI A-300 standards.