Tree Trimming Northern Virginia & Fairfax VA

Tree PruningTree pruning is an essential aspect for the care and control of our trees in the built environment. Titan Tree Care adheres strictly to the industry standards as expressed in the ANSI A-300 pruning standards handbook. Our adherence to these standards helps us provide the best tree trimming Northern Virginia and Fairfax, VA offers. These standards are reviewed every two years, and rewritten every five years in order to compensate for new scientific findings to further dictate how we manage our trees through pruning. The first step is having a Certified Arborist review your trees and determine the proper objectives to achieve through pruning. Tree PruningOnce the objectives have been identified, methodology for the pruning shall be expressed in the proposal offered. Here is a list of some common pruning objectives; Vista pruning for increasing a view, Crown Raising or “elevating” to provide clearance from low hanging limbs, Crown Cleaning or the removal of dead or diseased limbs, Crown Thin or selective removal of limbs and branches to improve canopy structure and increase airflow through the crown, Crown Reduction or the shortening of a tree to achieve risk reduction or vista objectives, Crown Restoration or the removal of broken limbs and branches, Hazard Pruning or the removal of limbs with defects such as decay pockets or die-back that threaten targets below.

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