The Stumps Have Got to Go: 4 Reasons to Get Rid of the Stumps in Your Yard

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If you’ve got old tree stumps in your yard, it’s in your best interest to get rid of them. Here’s what tree specialists want you to know about stump removal.

Stumps are dangerous
Stumps aren’t safe. When your kids or your pets are out running and playing in the yard, they’re probably not paying full attention to where they’re going, and could trip and hurt themselves on the stump. Worse, if your neighbor trips over it, you could be liable to pay for their medical bills.

Stumps attract bugs
When you leave stumps in your yard, the wood will decay and rot over the course of the next several years. As it does, beetles, termites, and ants are going to come and feast upon the leftovers. Granted, having bugs in your yard isn’t that big of a deal, but those bugs are eventually going to make their way into your home, where they will be an issue.

Stumps are less than aestheti
Stumps are ugly. That’s a fact. Though you might not mind having a stump in your yard, other people — like people who might want to buy your home if it’s on the market — might mind. The value of landscaped homes are five to 15% higher than the value of non-landscaped homes. In other words, stump grinding services can actually increase the value of your home by eliminating the unaesthetic parts of your yard.

Stumps take up valuable space
Last but not least, stump grinding services can make room in your yard for you to plant new trees, which offer a myriad of different benefits. If you plant a tree today on the west side of your house, then in about five years, your energy bills will be 3% less, and in another 10 years, they’ll be almost 12% less. Tree windbreaks can also reduce residential heating costs 10 to 15%. And that’s not to mention the fact that trees can absorb and block sound, reducing noise pollution by as much as 40%.

If you have stumps in your yard, call tree services today to do something about them. If you have any questions about stump grinding, feel free to share in the comments.