Make Tree Care Part of Your Daily Root-ine

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Having trees in your yard or lawn can enrich both the aesthetic view of your lawn and your quality of life. Trees act as natural coolants and sun blockers; by strategically placing trees on the west side of your yard, you can reduce your residential heating costs up to 15% and will have saved up to 12% in energy bills 15 years down the line. Trees are also effective means of reducing sound pollution, reducing the amount of outdoor noise by up to 40%. Trees also make people happy and promote calming, healing effects on those who spend time around them.

If you plant trees around your home, it is important to understand that there is a level of tree care that needs to take place. When regular tree maintenance doesn’t occur, the effects may ultimately damage your home and put your family in danger.

There are simple ways to practice regular tree care. Firstly, trimming trees each year can make your lawn more attractive and lessen the threat of weather-related mishaps occurring, such as branches falling on power lines and on your home. The Department of Agriculture recommends that you trim your branches once a year and during the tree’s dormant season. It is also recommended that you check your trees regularly for pest invasions and possible diseases. Upon noticing an anomaly, it is important that you then contact a plant health specialist to come up with a solution.

Of course, there are instances when calling a professional tree care specialist is necessary. For example, when a tree in your yard is unstable and in danger of falling. For those instances, specialists employ tree bracing tactics to sustain the tree safely. Eventually, the arborist may want to replace the tree bracing with a more permanent tree removal solution. Tree care industry specialists have the skills and know-how to safely and efficiently perform all of your tree maintenance needs.