How to Protect Your Trees During Winter

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It’s no secret that trees are extremely beneficial to our lives. Not only do they improve air quality and increase our mood levels, but they can be beneficial to the homeowner. Trees can reduce noise pollution by as much as 40%, and they can reduce residential heating costs by as much as 15%.

But what happens during the winter? With the damage done from heavy snow, winds, and freezing temperatures, it’s important to practice regular winter tree care.

But what does winter tree maintenance really mean? Follow these simple tree care tips that will have your shrubs looking sprightly come springtime.

Preventative Care
During the winter, trees are susceptible to illness and injury, just like people are. Trees that are the most susceptible to winter damage are ones that have been unprotected from surrounding construction, have been topped in the past, have internal decay from poor pruning practices, or have roots that have been cut close to the trunk. Topping is a procedure where the large branches and tops of trees are removed. However, this process can make the tree unstable, making it more susceptible to breaks or uprooting.

Pruning Practices
Proper pruning can help a tree grow healthy and strong, creating a safe and sound infrastructure that will withstand harsh winter conditions. Arborists in the tree care industry suggest pruning your trees once per year during their dormant season. When trimming trees, remember to trim lightly, as pruning too heavily can damage or weaken the tree.

Mulch is Important
Young trees are vulnerable to freezing in harsh temperatures. To protect them, place three to four inches of mulch or dry leaves around the base of young trees. This helps trees to keep warm and protects their roots.

Winter might be cold and relentless, but spring is just around the bend. Protect your trees, and practice proper tree care to have the most beautiful blossoms come spring. If you have any questions, contact your local tree care specialist for expert tips, tricks, and supplies.